Closure Variants Talena

The objects of the Talena series offer two closure variants:

Closed by the spring power:

The circlets consist of a main front portion and a removable rear segment, which is centered by dowel pins and held by the spring force of the larger main part. So to open and close it requires some effort - the thicker the material the more of it.

Lockable Talenas: Hex.lock for necklaces, bracelets and anklets


Do you wish a Talena lockable collar?

This is possible for Talena necklaces with a thickness of 6 or 8mm (for any size) or of 10mm (for an inner circumference minimum size of 400mm).

You find a small hex screw in each of the male parts of the socket system. Because these screws are situated inside, they can hardly get lost. The hex screws are operated with a key through very small drill holes at the lower side of the main part, so the lock mechanism is not visible when the collar is worn. Delivered with two keys.

To open and to close the collar the segment has to be taken out and fitted in again. To do so a certain force is necessary. Please make yourself familiar with the locking mechanism before closing the circlet around any part of the body. Keep away from children.

To open the circlet you best grasp its main part with your fingers. Then turn the key counterclockwise until it stops, then turn back clockwise approx. ¼ to ½ rotation, pull out the key and repeat this procedure at the second lock. The collar can be opened now by pulling apart the segments at the marked points. You can absorb the shock that emerges from opening with your thumbs pressing on the circlet. Because the parts are made with small tolerances we advise to keep them clean.

To close the collar, position the segment on one side and fit it in the other side by pushing it in from the outside to the inside until it snaps in. To avoid bruises keep a sufficient distance to your body or maybe put a piece of paper between body and circlet. To shut it insert the key and turn it clockwise until it stops. Do not tighten the screw. The piece will already be securely locked when the screw stops.

The lockable bracelets and anklets have two halves that are put together and also locked with a hex srew in each half.

Permanently locked: bracelets and anklets

For our bracelets and anklets we offer a permanent lock. Therefore we mount a spring bolt into the smaller segment and when this part is pushed in place the spring bolt snaps in the hole and cannot be removed.

For all locking versions:
If you wear your Talena for a longer period of time we recommend to operate and clean the locking mechanism once a week.